02/10/2018 • 12PM - 1PM

with Jérôme

We welcome Jerome from Pensylvania in our studio for a one hour mix presentating new and old, spanning different genres and creating its own unique voice.

The Pennsylvania based label was started as away to push music with ideas that weren’t based in genre or popularity. Founded in 2016 by Matt Lutz,  JEROME is a experimental label and platform, looking to push the boundaries of music through audio and visual projects. The monthly show; hosted by Lvlsrvryhi, JG Jour and DJ Rueckert is a showcase for the sounds and artists inspiring the label as well as a platform for guest DJs to show the less definiable elements of their sounds. The label started out as a simple mixfile series, which developed into a label and has done releases with such artists as Worli, Morten HD, Samsara Liane and more.

AVBVRN – Flood (Iku Rework)
VOLSK – Contorting Necronaut
DJ SCREW – Crossroads
RKSS – construction kits, we assure you that this pack will be
SHATTERED FORM – An Electric Wire Hung Straight Down
YMA – Feels
SIM HUTCHINS – Dumped By Pirate Radio (Object Blue Remix)
JEVO – Survival Puncture (NKCx Loftus)
ALEC PACE – Anticipation
ABYSS AND MATE – S6c6l3 FU360 (Perro Sucio Remix)
FACEWASH – Antioch Arrow
TDK – Bonus Beat
LEO ANIBALDI – Virtual Language
XVARR – Erratic Decline
THOMAS F BROWNE – Tomorrow Is Another Day

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