04/10/2019 • 3PM - 4PM

with Ryong

Second episode of the Janushoved show is handled by Ryong, providing a one hour exploration between contemporary ambient and anti-pop, emotional electronics and more.

Boli Group – Ouverture
Anne Imhof – Of Love (Hraah)
Vessel – Fantasma (For Jasmine)
Ryong – Ssitkimkut
bod [包家巷] – Motherhood
Drain Gang – Victim
Caterina Barbieri – Fantas
Swae Lee – Sextasy
Arca – Vanity
Yves Tumor – E. Eternal
Ryong – Jingshan Solo
Tadleeh – Kalix
Wondha Mountain – Duug Min
Triad God – Babe Don’t Go
Ryong – I Saw You Walking
Frank Ocean – Slide On Me
O. Vaupel – Blyfald (Til Månen)
Turbofar – Hospital Music
Victor Espasandin – advnueitueeer_test1
Ballista – Now We Are Free (pt. II)
SCARPIA -I-I-I—> – †††°†††
Synd og Skam – Vine 1


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