intrinsic speculations

05/09/2019 • 3PM - 4PM

with Broshuda

Berlin-based musician and graphic designer Broshuda kicks off his “intrinsic speculations” residency with one hour of a complex cut-up, alternating between beatless densities and breaks, circulating through Sin Falta, DJ Shlucht, Bill Laswell and more.

NF82 – EP2 (Unreleased)
Ghost Lemurs Of Madagascar – Fauno (Forthcoming Haunter Records)
TIBSLC – Lupinen (Unreleased)
Deela – Mascarada (HairyBo Remix)
DJ Shlucht – Immerwach Remix
ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ, Mdo & Ultrafog – Untitled (Unreleased)
Broshuda – Live At Echo Bücher 2016 Excerpt
Seven Sisters – Pfauenfedern (Forthcoming Studio Edition Moderne Jazz)
Tasho Ishi – Toshi
Sin Falta – I
Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes (Zomby Remix)
Air Krew – Second Heart And Spare Nostrils
Brendan Dougherty – M150
Bill Laswell – Oscillations (Atom Heart Digital Remix)
Pedrodollar – A Fun Time Is A Great Time
UXP – Faceless Opressor
Aylu – C Stem Excerpt
Vtgnike – ?
Hans J. Martin – 38 Min Meditation
Peter Gordon & Lawrence Weiner – Deutsche Angst
Jacob Stoy & Broshuda – Untitled Jam Excerpt 2017
John Lurie & Jim Jarmusch – Fishing With John Excerpt

intrinsic speculations

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