intrinsic speculations

16/04/2020 • 2PM - 3PM

with Broshuda

Berlin-based producer and graphic designer Broshuda takes us into a journey through sound, patching together complex cut-ups of contemporary music, experimental adventures and dub exercises along the way.

Lorenzo Senni – Glenfield Nd
S A D – Mfon
Luc Ferrari – Untitled
Billy Gomberg – 200330edit
Vamilienfa†er – The ethereal shores
SSIEGE – Lo specchio distrugge
fdg – imbued
Madalyn Merkey – Neptune
Glia – Parplu
Sharp Veins – Pool
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Chiles Crimson Tide
Teresa Winter – From So High That I Might Die
Justin – Elv Goynoor
Bass Clef – Emphasise Emphatise
Yata DSP – Snake Dub
Ayln – C 4 yrslf_M
Heith – Genesis
Pedro Vian – Un Passage Obscur
Billy Gomberg – I Can Feel The Spray From The Fountain
Broshuda – Leg
Maxwell Sterling – Fake Intimacy

intrinsic speculations

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