intrinsic Speculations

20/02/2020 • 2PM - 3PM

with Broshuda

Berlin-based producer and graphic designer Broshuda takes us into a journey through sound, patching together complex cut-ups of contemporary music, experimental adventures and dub exercises along the way, here with a cassette special broadcast..

Frere Tuck (Sante Loisirs)
Yaffle (Kit Junior)
Pictorial Candi (Mansions & Millions)
C-Life (Unknown / Found Cassette)
Klaar (Ecology Tapes)
Pierot Lunaire (Opal Tapes / BUTW)
Dale Cornish (Anomia)
Eternal Flame (Forever Now)
Ondness (Paralaxe Editions)
Broshuda (Paralaxe Editions)
Roman Nails (Where To Now)
Best Available Technology (Working Nights)
? (Unknown Cassette)
O$VMO$VM (NoCorner)
Umfang (VGM)
Kinlaw (Reckno)
Madteo (DDS)
? (Unknown Excerpt)
Dakim (Leaving Records)
Ssaliva & Dynooo (Social Harmony)
Adam Oko (Astro:Dynamics)
? (Found Cassette / Unknown Recording Excerpt)

intrinsic Speculations

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