31/10/2018 • 7PM - 8PM

with Mush

Écoutez la dernière émission de Mush, continuant d’explorer les paysages sonores contemporains, entre IDM, ambient, et neoclassical via RAMZi, Baby Ford, Nick Nikolov et plus.

RAMZI – Bibwel (Feat. Asael)
SHADOW HUNTAZ – Medic (Instrumental)
SHADOW HUNTAZ – Trenches (Instrumental)
µ-ZIQ – Mushroom Compost
ELEKTROIDS – Time Tunnel (Edit)
BASSES TERRES – Undecipherable eyes, protected from the sunlight
SKEE MASK – Routine
LEIF – Moment Beat
JOY O – Seed
BABY FORD – Normal (Helston Flora Remix)
NICK NIKOLOV – Force Caves
ELEKTROIDS – Time Tunnel (Edit)
69 – Microlovr
LINKWOOD – Solar Panel
JONNY NASH & LINDSAY TODD – Mushroom Omlette (And The Now Prevailing Cosmic Anxiety)
SYSTEM 7 – Mysterious Traveller (Groovy Intent Mix)


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