08/01/2020 • 10PM - 11PM

with Joachim Nordwall

One hour monthly with label founder and experimental producer Joachim Nordwall, delivering records oscillating from noise to field recordings through his network of artists.

Peder Mannerfelt – Come (Cav Empt)
Oto Hiax – Plates (Editions Mego) 3.
Joachim Nordwall – untitled for possible film soundtrack
Die Reihe – 106 Kerri Chandler Chords (Psychic Liberation)
Peter Brötzmann – Dark Blues (Trost)
Jana Winderen – Pasviksdalen (Touch)
Strafe F.R. – Every Day XXL (Touch)
Nick Klein – Choking on Ice (iDEAL)
Simon Scott – Emergency (Touch)
10. Saturn and the Sun – Stuck In A Dead End, Man [Distorted Dub] (iDEAL)


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