19/10/2018 • 11PM -

with Kareem Lotfy

Kareem Lotfy takes us on his second journey with Ghourab, this time via a one hour selection of 111bpm THC induced Techno.

SILENT SERVANT – mad youth
OSCAR MULERO – interrelated
AIKEN – dismal
AND – photon visibility function
VATICAN SHADOW – tonight saddam walks amidst ruins
PETIT SINGE – oxo zuli remix
SAVAGE GROUNDS – attempt three
THE SOUL – birth of frequency
JEFF MILLS – spider formation
ANCIENT METHODS – knights and bishops
ANSOME – dragons dynamite (perc remix)
NJVK – borza
CLARK – honey badger
DEADBEAT – grounation (berghain drum jack)
DREXCIYA – mission to ociya syndor and back
VATICAN SHADOW – corpses hung over the euphrates river
GIJENSU – eurotrash


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