17/12/2019 • 9PM - 10PM

with Coni

Special Movie Soundtrack – Coni dedicates his monthly show to music from movies: The Hunger, Benny’s Video, Sombre, The Deer Hunter, Irreversible, Gummo, Possession, Fallen Angels, Last Days, Lost Highway, Sonatine, The Doom Generation, Electroma, Sopranos.

THE HUNGER GAME: Michel Rubini & Denny Jaeger – The Hunger Game
BENNY’S VIDEO: 1992 (Choir Scene)
SOMBRE: Alan Vega – Sombre
THE DEER HUNTER: Kenneth Kovach – Memory Eternal
IRREVERSIBLE: Thomas Bangalter – Rectum
GUMMO: The Medicined Man – Namanax
POSSESSION: Andrzej Korzyński – The Night the Screaming Stops (Opening Titles)
FALLEN ANGELS: Frankie Chan Fan-Kei & Roel A. Garcia – The Killer’s Death
LAST DAYS: Mirror/Dash – Electric Pen
LOST HIGHWAY: Angelo Badalamenti – Dub Driving
FALLEN ANGELS: Frankie Chan Fan-Kei & Roel A. Garcia – Mission Completed
SONATINE: Joe Hisaishi MagiC Mushroom
THE DOOM GENERATION: Slowdive – Blue Skied An’ Clear
GUMMO: Dark Noerd – Smokin’ Husks
LOST HIGHWAY: Lou Reed – This Magic Moment
SOMBRE: Alan vega – Hot Nines
ELECTROMA: Sebastien Tellier – Universe
CHUNGKING EXPRESS: Cocteau Twins – Know Who You Are At Every Age (Faye Wong cover)
SOPRANOS: John Cooper Clarke – Evidently Chickentown


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