Fata Morgana

29/05/2018 • 8PM - 9PM

with Domestica Records

Listen back to Domestica Records founder Jordi selecting records from the Belgium underground scene for the first part, and introducing his label’s forthcoming “Ex Machina” release in the second.

POLAR PRAXIS – Music For Fireworks (Part one)
THE N.U.E. – Broken Window
DOLE – Trances
701 TRIANGLES – Esther
AFTER THE TIDES – Witches & Fools
IDEE DU FEMELLE – Lejanas Mareas (Ex Machina 02)
GENETIC FACTOR – On A Northern Shore (Ex Machina 02)
IDEE DU FEMELLE – To Anzil (Ex Machina 02)

Fata Morgana

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