Fata Morgana

01/05/2018 • 8PM - 9PM

with Domestica Records

Domestica Records founder provides this month with a focus on the early Italian new-wave scene and his label’s upcoming release of M. Finnkrieg’s Exit/Accidental 1989 cassette.

TEMPLE BEAT – My Secret Garden
DSORDNE – Love Is My Eversion
GENTLEMAN IN WAR – Why Many Things In The End
COLD PHENIX – La Fleur Du Destin
TAKE FOR RUN – Please Me
VASSELLI – Paura Del Sole
TALLY-OH! – Hit The Beast
M. FINNKRIEG – Clean State
M. FINNKRIEG – Liberia
M. FINNKRIEG – Discover The Truth
M. FINNKRIEG – Blank Order
L.A.S.’s CRIME – Mary’s Room
VOXZEMA – The Drop

Fata Morgana

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