Every Poet Knows Time

31/05/2019 • 9PM - 10PM

with Rupert Clervaux

In the same way that Herbert Spencer simplified and misrepresented Darwin’s theory of evolution into their bleak and dangerous vision of social competition, so the spirit of Anarchism has been actively misrepresented and vilified by the collusive vortex of conservatism and political socialism. As that vortex gradually spins off its axis, could asserting Anarchism’s real meaning be the best defence against the dire wave of populism sweeping through the Euro-Atlantic world?—even simply as the philosophical foundation from which organised political institutions can be formed to replace ineffective and corrupted representative electoral processes with truly democratic systems of deliberation and random selection. Here’s a less-than-random selection of tracks that hopefully capture a little of that spirit, and its healthy disdain for the status quo––collected from the ongoing audio-bibliography that once helped inform Rupert’s ‘Zibaldone III of CVX’ release on the great Berceuse Heroique… bookended by two of Soledad Bravo’s stirring ‘Cantos Revolucionarios’, we also find a recital of ’The Death of Kropotkin’––Herbert Read’s poem remembering Emma Goldman’s account of the beloved Russian anarchist’s passing, along with other fragments of the ‘black and scarlet banner’.

SOLEDAD BRAVO – Si El Poeta Eres Tú
APHEX TWIN – White Blur
HMOT – Collapse
AKIKO HARUNA – Ripheus Alley
FUMU >> Graeyard
DREW MCDOWALL/HIRO KONE – Dreaming is Nursed in Darkness
CVX – Protesta Humana
RYTHYM & SOUND – Mash Down Babylon
PUCE MARY – The Size of Our Desires
STEVIE WHISPER – Public Homage Limited
NATIVE – Skewed Proof
VIA APP – Living Decoration
DECEMBER – Intervention Tune!
BRASSFOOT – Followers Fate
ELLLL – Pepsi
YAWS – Bloated
HMOT – Dieback Machinery
APHEX TWIN – Shiny Metal Rods
CVX – Every Tyrant in History [LYL Edit]
DISARM – Ashley Improvisation
SOLEDAD BRAVO – La Guerrillera

Every Poet Knows Time

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