15/05/2018 • 5PM - 6PM

with Maïssa Théorème

SIDA singer Maïssa returns to our airwaves with a new, fresh batch of post-punk and gritty old-school hip-hop from The Flesh Eaters, Algebra Suicide, De La Soul, Killa Kidz and more.

THE CRAVATS – Terminus
THE BOX – Burn Down That Village
THE FLESH EATERS – Divine Horsemen
ALGEBRA SUICIDE Please Respect Our Decadence
HENRY BADOWSKI – Anywhere Else
HOLGER HILLER – Jonny, Du Lump
CRAWLING CHAOS – The White Sybil
LEE DORSEY – Gator Trail
DECAYES – Dancehall
DE LA SOUL – Stakes Is High
KILLING JOKE – Primitive
THE MALE NURSE – Back On The Pills


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