Dommage Teknique

02/03/2018 • 7PM - 8PM

with Collin Fletcher

Stream back Ascetic House’s second episode of Dommage Teknique, featuring a complex mix of electronics, audio-collages, and forthcoming productions from honcho Collin Fletcher.

ALLEYPISSER — Afsluttet (forthcoming Ascetic House)
CECILIA — Gros Animal (forthcoming Halcyon Veil)
ROPER RIDER — Auctioneer (forthcoming Ascetic House)
SENSATIONAL — Vibration (Wordsound)
CELULAR FEEL — Champagne Version
TITAN ARCH — Sibil for Shedding (forthcoming Ascetic House)
RABIT — (Unreleased)
FREE THE LAND — Global Exhibition Movement 1 (forthcoming Ascetic House)
ANDREW FLORES — Semirji (forthcoming Ascetic House)
KANGDING RAY — Dark Barker (Raster-Noton)
EVER ENDING KICKS — Singing Again (Glochids Remix)
OMEED NOROUZI — Reaching (forthcoming Lime Lodge)
NEURONIUM — Elementum (Tuxedo Music)
THEODORE CALE SCHAFER — Perfect Golden Across (Sibilants)
HOUSE OF KENZO — Bonfires of Urbanity / Cunt All Stars (Reworkby Rabit & Der Kindestod) (forthcoming Ascetic House)
HOUSE OF KENZO — Bonfires of Urbanity (Deconstructed by Ben Aqua) (forthcoming Ascetic house)
OMEED NOROUZI — Shell of Light Edit

Dommage Teknique

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