Dommage Teknique

14/03/2019 • 10PM - 11PM

with City

City on the mix this time, delivering a lot of unreleased between the softest prog and ambient to the noisiest mess, featuring tracks from courtesy of the Ascetic House family.

JESSE OSBORNE-LANTHIER – Catchment Areas X Spiritual Pollution (Unreleased)
EAVES – Embercast (Unreleased)
BABY BLUE – Human (Forthcoming Ascetic House)
CITY – Sar (i.o remix) (Forthcoming Quantum Natives)
I.O – The Fortunes Told (Forthcoming Quantum Natives)
KING VISION ULTRA – Lobby Loiterer 1 (excerpt) (Forthcoming)
SEBASTIEN RUSLAN – ??? (Unreleased)
SSALIVA & CITY- ??? (Unreleased)
JESSE OSBORNE-LANTHIER – IT5INYR-H34RT featuring v1984 (Forthcoming Halcyon Veil)
I.O & CITY – Anxiety Object (Forthcoming PTP])
MSYLMA – Iftirad (Zad AlMusafir)
FAUNESS – Beauty is Like a Thing
LAUREN AUDER – choices
266.SX – chino burbank van nuys (Forthcoming Ascetic House)
P1OTINE – reference point too hev (Unreleased)

Dommage Teknique

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