Dommage Teknique

14/02/2019 • 10PM - 11PM

with Shredded Nerve

New-York based producer Shredded Nerve delivers here a very noisy session. You’ll find music from The New Blockaders, Aaron Dilloway under the Spine Scavenger moniker, Macronympha and more.

SKIN GRAFT – excerpt from “Enemy”
BLOD – Sophie Is Coming While Being Fed
MACRONYMPHA – For Anal Drill And Water Knife
CON-DOM – Hungry For Death
SEWER ELECTION+TRERIKSROSET – excerpt from “Killing For Finland… Dedicated To Touko Laaksonen”
SPINE SCAVENGER – excerpt from “Shackles Of Man-Measured Time”
TAINT – The New Centurion
THE NEW BLOCKADERS – Defiant Operatives
RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK – excerpt from “Asshole/Snail Dilemma”
CRAWL UNIT – Wind Through A Hole
MACHISMO – I Will Never Die
GRUNT – Long Lasting Happiness Part 5

Dommage Teknique

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