10/12/2019 • 5PM - 6PM

with Domestica Records

This mix is a selection of some tracks published over the last 8 years running Domestica Records and it’s a good way to have an approximate idea about the essence of the label. Most of these songs were never published at that time so they were demos that we restored as carefully as possible, and the rest of the tracks were published only on tape and in very limited distribution. That’s basically what we love to do here and that’s our identity. But this mixtape it’s not only a brief look back at the work we have done; you will find as well two unreleased tracks that we are planning to publish the next year. So, basically, I took this mixtape as a celebration, not only for the work done until now but also for all the things still to come.


IDEE DU FEMELLE – Lejanas Mareas
KREMLYN – The Girl Is Mine
PASCAL COMELADE – Ball Del Pataco Monoton
LINEA VIENESA – La Isla De Las Sirenas
S.M. NURSE – Frutta
CHEIRON – Land After Life
PETER VAN GARDEREN – Plants and Animals
OPFER DER HINGABE – Prediction (Brainwave-Version)
GENETIC FACTOR – Vigilia Di Natale
BEATNIK LOVE AFFAIR – Somewhere Out There
SON OF SAM – Shah Main
EL – Og Tilslutt

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