Digging Deep

04/12/2019 • 11PM - 12AM

with Fond/Sound

Diego Olivas returns with another zen move to offer, this time around it’s another hour of exceptionally rare Japanese healing music (from ambient, new age, and environmental musical styles) right in time to counteract the hectic vibes of the holiday season. Time to find your bliss…

The Cradle Of The Ocean – Hiroya Minakuchi + Missing Link
Umi No Okurimono – Takashi Kougo
ウララ – Amahoro
匠 (たくみ – Takashi Kokubo
Spiritual Sunrise – Ryokyu Endo
Landscape 2 – Shun
乙女座 – Toshiya Sukegawa
Shinri No Atoni-Become Enlightened – Henry Kawahara

Digging Deep

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