Digging Deep

15/07/2020 • 11PM - 12AM

with Fond/Sound

It’s an hour ode to summer with leftfield summertime songs that aren’t so summery as they lead on. Chill waves pining for those airs of summers long past, in this, our new “normal”.

Missing You: Janet Kay
Ou Se Di Mwin Ainmew: Michel Alibo
Street Sax: Justo Almario
Summer Touches You: Narumin & Etsu (東北新幹線)
Escalator: Clifford T. Ward
フェアリー (Fairy): Kunio Muramatsu (村松邦男)
君の名はサイコ: Hiromi Go (郷 ひろみ)
してみたい: Katsuhiko Nakagawa (中川勝彦)
ダイヤモンドの月: Picasso (ピカソ)
Champanhe: Rui Veloso
Mistérios: Diana Pequeno
Más Companhias: Virginie & Fruto Proibido
Te Saludo Desde Tierra: Fania

Digging Deep

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