Digging Deep

26/02/2020 • 11PM - 12AM

with Fond/Sound

This one I’m titling: “Fret Less.” It’s an hour dedicated to the womb-like tone of the fretless bass, via various sublime acoustic and electric ballads from all sorts of musical spheres. Time to turn on the “Bass Boost”, fire up your subwoofer, and warm up with this tone.

T. On a White Horse: Eberhard Weber
Biały Garbus: Krzysztof Ścierańsk
Loving Lash: Isao Suzuki (鈴木勲)
Portrait of Tracy: Jaco Pastorius
A Walk in the Country: Mo Foster
Mosaic: Mark Egan
Lost Affections In A Room: Mick Karn
Comunicazioni Interne: Francesco Messina
Plateau: Motohiko Hamase (濱瀬元彦)
My Toby/My Friend: David Friesen
Watson & Crick: Michael Manring
A Child Is Born: Alain Caron & Michel Donato

Digging Deep

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