Confessions FM

05/06/2020 • 2PM - 3PM

with Maxime Bisson

The Lyon-based part of young Boulevard collective M. Bisson, DJ Gratte-Ciel & The Log Lady present their activities and collections, from experimental music to kraut, industrial and disco.

Harold Budd – Nove Alveri
Gunther Anders, L’obsolescence de l’homme
Bille Laswell & Miles Davis – He Loved Him Madly
Air – Jeux dangereux
Paul Schütze & Phantom City – Blue Like Petrol
Alec Empire – 222
Nutcase & Papachubba – Floating Inside
Squarepusher – Windscale 2
HAT – Kubrick
Mark Nauseef – Jones
Aksak Maboul – Silhouetes
Steve Hiett – Shadows Accross the Past
Dadalu – Disco Disco

Confessions FM

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