Confessions FM

22/11/2019 • 3PM - 4PM

with The Log Lady

The Log Lady takes care of the latest Confessions FM show with a blend of dubby, ambient and loose electronics..

Collectionism / Xess
Rupert Clervaux / Damper & Drum
Gareth Williams & Mary Currie – It’s madness
Tabula Nul – Radiante bourbe
Vox Populi! – Be Hedayat I
Zatua – Silver Horizon
Radiante Pourpre – Lesson Tropic
EVA808 – Loner
Kate Tempest – Holy Elixir
DJI – Step Amen Brait (HalfLife Edit)
Ventre de Biche – Adesso Dammi La Mano
Corrosive Crowd – Insektenliebe
Maral – The Empty Edit
Constance Chlore – Toi
Ce Soir – Je sens ton souffle sur mon aura

Confessions FM

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