Confessions FM

05/06/2018 • 3PM - 4PM

with Realm

The Boulevard crew brings you Realm for a second broadcast filled with synth-wave, industrial and grimy variations from ODB, Fallbeil, Lieu Noir and more.

ODB – Goin’ Down
BIGG – 3raft Rap
CASA CREW – Men zanka lzanka
2ND FAMILY – Do Or Die
YOUNG ECHO – Wicked Ones (Album Edit)
CRAVE – Discharged
STEREOTYP – Alleycat
AKIMBO – Ritual (Version)
BRUCE ROARCH – Zoblin 07
FALLBEIL – A Sam Hawkens
LIL FLY – Anna Got Me Clickin’
MUSLIMGAUZE – Abode Of Turquoize
THEE J. JOHANZ – Savanah
TORN HAWK – With Butterfly Knives
CHARLES MANIER – Hillbrent Crysula Pagoda
ODB – Goin’ Down (Freestyle Youtube Rip)

Confessions FM

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