Comic Sang Chaud

10/06/2020 • 6PM - 7PM

with Gboi

Excell connoisseur, NBA 2K hard gamer, but above all, 1/2 head of Comic Sans Records, GBoi delivers here an ace selecta sailing between bass music, dreamy dancehall, moody trap and afro-futurism

Pie Are Squared – Blanket
Time Cow; RTKal – Elephant Man
Realitycheck – Maximal Damage
Gila – Rider 3 (Absent Roof)
Carlos – Kidneys and Cowley strip
Ltd Colours – Eclipse
Timmy Mowafi – A9A
Monotronique – Bird Drib
Ben Bondy – Pilli
Xiao Quan – Sweat
Kahter – Eostrix
Gila – Rider 1 (Darq Windows)
Bloody Jay – Secrets (prod. Jimmy Edgar)
JLZ – Exodus
KABLAM – Miasma (mobilegirl Remix)
Diyr – Descender
Crimson – Sktch (J-Shadow Remix)
R@ – Hey!
Xlsior – Mermen Tek
DJ NJ Drone – Syn Stair (Blind)
Flore – CodedLanguage (3Phaz remix)
Scatta – EASTCOASTMOFOKS feat. Los
Estebahn – Himsagar

Comic Sang Chaud

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