Comic Sang Chaud

18/03/2020 • 6PM - 7PM

with Luke Lund

Luke Lund is a self-taught producer, art director and label head (Terranean Recs, Birthdeath, Barely Here). Though for the past 12 years his repertoire has drawn references anywhere from club culture’s obscure fringes and caustic industrial clatter to musique concrète discretion and knuckle-dragging rock.

Luke Lund – Host Factor [Unreleased]
Luke Lund – Impostor [Unreleased]
Kinlaw – Militante del Niente [Noods]
Machine Woman – Who is Cnts [Take Away Jazz]
Mars89 – GoodThing [Natural Sciences]
Ronce – Acteon [Dawn]
Dale Cornish – A Better Dancer [Vanity Publishing]
Luke Lund – Timewave Zero [Unreleased]
Le Dom – Primal [Paradoxe Club]
Ingrate – Deceived [Anyines]
Robert Piotrowicz – To Fleh [Bôłt]
Louis King & Brain Rays – Why Pree? (Renick Bell Stripped Remix) [Seagrave]
Somaticae – Finhiser [In Paradisum]
Walton – Smashed Crabs [Tectonic]
Higher Learning – Love Has No Age [Beat Concern]
DB1 – Tone [Molt]
RM Francis – Open RF + Revision [Conditional]
Zoë McPherson & Elvin Brandhi – Learn Ur Language Faster [SFX]
Luke Lund – Nimrod (Fubar) [Unreleased]
Luke Lund – Trust (Broken) [Unreleased]
Luke Lund – Hostile Architecture [Unreleased]
Luke Lund – Breakneck [Unreleased]
Reinartz – Second Try [Corrupt Data]
DJ Loser & Penelope’s Drama – Synesthesia Triggerer [Kashev Tapes]
Empathic Window – Smoking Our Last (For Craigslist) [PARTNERS]
Terrorhythmus – Suffer Rave [BRKN Rec.]
Amazondotcom & Siete Catorce – Parti [Peder Mannerfelt]
Razor x Productions – Imitate Version [Rephlex]
African Head Charge – Far Away Chant (Luke Lund Live Screw) [On-U Sound]

Comic Sang Chaud

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