Chips Électriques

12/04/2017 • 6PM - 8PM

with Night Drive & Sport National

Paris-based collective Night Drive going through UK, rave, electro and “techno-wave” cultures every month on Wednesday evening from our studio in the capital…
Hosts Paroi and Gaston Prüfer for the first hour, with tracks from Beneath, Special Request, Black Merlin, Manie Sans Délire, and more.
Second hour by guest _welgry, the duo behind Sport National’s prolific and underground Paris-based crew.

M – Souviens toi
ESA RVOHA – Spaces
VERSA & ROWL – Midsummer Night’s Dub
DWIG – Met you in the Dark
ENA – Triple Heads
DAMASKIN – Apocalypse
DE LEON – 10
2. DUB CORD – Choctaw Dub
JIB KIDDER – G419 2-35
FELIX K – Flowers Of Destruction #4
SAKAMOTO – Toward Water

Chips Électriques

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