Canary Girl Island

17/05/2018 • 12PM - 1PM

with Muk

The 7th edition of Muk’s Canary Girl Island takes a twist into the Dead Cities: once in the past an organic and beautiful city, these days (~2034 or so) all is soaked in decadence produced by filth, waste and fume pollution, disgusting political and social mimicry – substance abuse, cold love etc. As many various forms of filth this urban-dustrial might offer, during the night all is united under one sky, under the same stars – for everyone, which shine bright through the smog skies.

RICHARD H. KIRK – Kaleidoscope
LOCUST – Saturated Love
DEPTH CHARGE – Bounty Killer
AUTECHRE – Teartear
IRSOL – Before Breakfast
DECEMBER – In Advance of a Broken Arm
SIR FREDDIE VIADUKT – Let Me Out & Slow Train To
9. CHBH – Chou Chou
JIMI TENOR – 24 Hour Madness
CARTER TUTTI – Calm Circle
Can’t remember, some hippie guy from 60s
HELENA HAUFF – Break Force
HYPNOBEAT – Giving Head to Killian

Canary Girl Island

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