18/07/2019 • 5PM - 6PM

with Von Tesla

Chevel brings you Italian producer Von Tesla for this month’s Blursed, providing with one hour of digital electro, bass music and breaks from Air Max 97, Ssaliva, Gescom and more.

wwwings – chimera
air max 97 – turgor
napolian – rejoice
eaves – vascular
Hard Feeling (M.E.S.H. Promiis Mix)
OPIUM CHILD – stones of hazel
quatremont college – untitiled
von tesla – inland 22
gescom – seventh stone triangle
silk road assassins – akwraith
lucrecia dalt – atmospheres touch
laurie spiegel – appalachian grove II
ssaliva – unplugged 3
von tesla – in the red


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