Big Science

20/11/2019 • 11AM - 12PM

with One Foot

Warzou invite One Foot Step pour le dernier épisode de “Big Science”, pour une heure d’electro, dub, techno et plus.

Boreal Massif – Dew Point Rising
Waveshaper – Ku-Do
Dotworks – Suicidal
Solar – Unless, of course, you have wings like a bat
Carcass Identity – Helical
Das Ding – Insect Apocalypse
Exhausted Modern – Dysphoric Experience
Cyanotic – Terminator [Glitch Mode 2020 Version]
Buzz Kill – Rip n Dip (/DL/MS/ Remix)
Hermeth – Pineapple Pizza
Distorted Drill and Phasz – Didgeridoo Commander
Ossia – Hack Dance
Ternion Sound – Ukandu Ikandu
NoSR – Reciprocity feat. Kamine
Marco Segato – Kuebik
Rian Treanor – ATAXIA_A1
Hiro Kone – Submerged Dragon

Big Science

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