Basement Seance

12/09/2019 • 11PM -

with Stabudown Productions

Listen to James “Prostitutes” Donadio’s firs installment of “Basement Seance”, featuring one hour of blissful electronics, tribal and post-industrial tendencies involving Konono n°1, PWOG, Radio Slave and more.

Art Ensemble of Chicago Collage
“Yenki” – Hagan (Python Syndicate)
“No Fire” – E3 (LavaLava Records)
“Earthbeat And EarthDub” – The Slits ‎(Epic)
“Kule Kule Reprise” – Konono Nº1 (Ache)
“Sunny Ti De Ariya” – King Sunny Adé And His African Beats (Mango)
“Number One (Congapella)” – Cindy Janson (Bassment Records)
“Ov The Maenads” – Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia (KK Records)
“Untitled” – Bodhran (UXB)
“Pleasant (Tribal Mix)” – Path (Sound Information)
“20k Bandwith” – DJ Neumann (TAX FREE RECORDS)
“122 BPM” – Radio Slave (Running Back)
“Food For Thoughts (V2)” – Mull & Lekebusch ‎– Food For Thoughts (H Productions)
“April Parts” – Mark Ernestus Vs. Obadikah (Honest Jons Records)

Basement Seance

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