Basement Seance

23/04/2020 • 11PM - 12AM

with Prostitutes

StabUdown Productions’ mastermind Prostitutes is back for another Basement Seance, going through a vast selection of decadent synth-wave, industrial chants and bold experimental music.

Würm ‎– I’m Dead
Arc De Triomphe – Teenage Panzerkorps
Underpants – Easter Monkeys
14 Year Old Void (Gender Edit) – Deathly Fighter
Hate – Sister Ray
Love (Via Machine) – Six Finger Satellite
Spud-U-Like – ASDA
This Is Stranger Than Love – Mark Stewart + Maffia
Perfect Pit – New Order
W.A.N.S.O.T.S.P. – Tribe of Colin
New Matic – 2CB
Paranoia Claustrophobia (Part 2) – Basement 5
Turn To Red – Killing Joke
Reign Of Terror – Joseph T. Jacobs
Seductress Third Class – Yossarian
You’re Full Of Shit – electric eels

Basement Seance

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