Basement Seance

07/11/2019 • 11PM -

with Stabudown Productions

Stabudown Productions founder and producer James Donadio aka Prostitutes returns to our station for the second episode of “Basement Seance”, providing with one hour of brut post-punk, industrial and electro goodness, featuring Scorpion Violente, ALU, Sisters Of Mercy and more.

“Phantom Piano”
CARPENTERS – “We’ve Only Just Begun”
CHRISTIAN DEATH – “The Lake Of Fire”
INDIAN JEWELRY – “Lying On The Floor”
GENDERS – “Sewer Prostitutes”
THEATRE OF HATE – “Ministry Of Broadcast”
TEST DEPT. – “Pulsations 1 (Human Run)”
DIVISION FOUR – “Blank Prostitutes”
JJ BURNEL – “Euromess”
SPK – “Metal Field”
ALU – “Mein Verlor’nes Glück”
WOLFGANG PRESS – “Prostitute II”
SCORPION VIOLENTE – “The Cherrypopper”
ABBA – “Thank You For The Music”
“Phantom Piano”

Basement Seance

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