Aux Eaux

30/04/2020 • 10PM - 11PM

with Different Fountains

Get familiar with the Brussels-based Different Fountains platform through this monthly hour of music, here focusing on digital tunes, club music and more.

Race of Angels – Just Begin
Ucc Harlo – Ceres
John Tchicai – Hymn
Forest Drive West – Creation Dub
Mo Thugs Family – Ghetto Cowboy (Acapella)
Boris Hegenbart & Marc Weiser – M Makrobe W
Dr. Israel – Tomorrow (Escape to Brooklyn Dub)
Gods Wisdom and Lucy – On Thin Ice
Arthur Russell – You Did It Yourself
Geoffrey Landers – Say You’ll Say So
Christian Mirande – Looks Over the Edge Then Back Then Over Again
Ron Boots – Lachrymation
AFX – Iz Us
Ishmael – Desiderata (In Space)
Anunaku – Teleported
Hodge – Shadows In Blue
Hodge – The World Is New Again
Mark – Incantation For The Protection Of JC
Skitty – Opression dub
Ghost Warrior – Fracture
Yello – Reverse Lion
Daniel Johnston – Some Things Last a Long Time

Aux Eaux

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