Another Room For Music

27/09/2019 • 5PM - 6PM

with AR/FM

Lyon’s AR/FM Records returns to our station with one hour of contemporary electronics, oscillating between Cremation Lilly, Nivhek, Martina Lussi and more.

Rainsforest Spiritual Enslavement – Shield Ferns Brown Pine Magic
FABRIK – Ondes tranquilles
Emily Berregaard – Forget Me
Cremation Lily – Coastal Path, If We Were Alone
Maria W Horn – Epistasis
Nivhek – Thirteen (Version)
Nivhek – Crying jar
Martina Lussi – Expectation Or Obsession
48Cameras – Bloodsucker
Emra Grid – An Old Procedure
Yuri – Weep

Another Room For Music

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