Actual Grammar

28/11/2019 • 11PM -

with Joe Gilmore & Paul Emery

Joe Gilmore and Paul Emery are back on air for another episode of “Actual Grammar”, providing with one hour of experimental sounds.

Jake Meginsky: Music for Sinewaves and Percussion (Centennial, NNA Tapes)
Leo Kupper: Automatismes Sonores (Excerpt) (Electronic Works & Voices 1961-1979, Sub Rosa)
Enzo Minarelli: The grandeur of Genghis Khan (Fame, Pogus Productions)
SDEM: Kaelie (IIRC, Opal Tapes)
Francois Bayle: Rosace 4 (Vibrations Composees  / Grande Polyphonie, Magison)
Bernd Schurer: momentary.adj.variations.2 (unreleased)
Vito Acconci: A Tape Situation Using a Ball , Rolling, Stopping, Walking Over, Position (excerpt) (Words: Program No 12, Ubu)
Nicola Ratti: Palace (Continental, Students of Decay)
Shin Sung Hoon: One Atove (One-Atove, dingn\dents)
Michael Speers: tombeau (xtr’ctn, C.A.N.V.A.S.)
Parsa: A (CODE147, Co-Dependent)
Victor Moragues: Nto Teil (PDR003 PARTNERS)
Calum Gunn: Pure Reason (Monocosm, Entr’acte)
Emptyset: Blade (Blossoms, Thrill Jockey)
Sergey Kostyrko: Neuron Module I (CAA—41, Cyland)

Actual Grammar

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