A Swim in the Pond of Vice

10/01/2019 • 7PM - 8PM

with eo eintu & erevan dj

I know what you did last Winter… One year ago, the Cafe Galerie passed away. The most shameful parties were pampered by the naff dancers, from la boule de cristal to Lespinasse’s Birthday.
But since few weeks, some rumours surfaced, talking about the rebirth of the Phœnix… Ready or not to spend hours in tropical atmospheres maintained by cigarettes smoke, Erevan Dj and leo have prepared a special mix to celebrate one of the several death of “l’esprit des pentes”.

666 Frequencia – Muñeco de goma

Ugly Mood – Turning Off

Anne Clark – Counter Act (Extended)

Maoupa Mazzochetti – How To Hate Without H?

The Freestylers – Freestyle Noize

The Wilesden Dodgers – Gunsmoke Breakout

Xymox – Revolve

Starter – Victim Of The Beat

Blue Pearl – Naked In The Rain (Instrumental Mix)

A Swim in the Pond of Vice

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