10/01/2020 • 8PM - 9PM

with Ron Wilson

777 Records founder Ron Wilson opens up 2020 with a mix of his own, meandering through contemporary electronics and recent productions from Madteo, Pasiphae, Ossia and many more.

Robert Dietz – Don’t Be Gentle It’s A Rental
Pasiphae – Hedera
Stenny – Sensitive Habitat
тпсб – Are You Still Hurt?
Walid aka DJ W.E.B. – Deathbird Stories
NGLY – Tied With Ropes And Hanging From The Ceiling
Ghostride The Drift – B3
Nmesh – Weed Jesus
Madteo – Same Way (Interior Paramours Mix)
Erik Jäähalli – Can I Spray With It?
Ossia – Slow Dance
Tom Trago – Hidden Heart Of Gold


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