This sound-podcast-collage by Megamal -Alicia Carrera & Bejotanova-, based on and around poems by Rosalía de Castro, an artist whose pieces express the feeling known in Galician as Saudade: vivid, sharp inevitable changes which are lamented. Nature is an omnipresent beauty which is so intense it causes the sharpest pain.
Known as the first female poet in Galicia and Spain, she expressed a refusal to accept false comfort, making her a foundation from which following female poets carried on building from.
The doses of remarkably sorrow yet sweet imagery read in this podcast are (in order of appearance):
– They Say That the Plants Do Not Speak
– The Atmosphere is Incandescent
– Hour After Hour, Day After Day
– I In My Bed of Thistles

Megamal is a musical project that combines Alicia Carrera’s vastly bizzare musical world and Bejotanova’s avid tape experiments to place listeners in a whirling, fizzy cassette spool of eclectic sounds complete with crackling, hissing and popping.

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Ozkar Krapo and Jean Leneutre, founders of French label Poutre Apparente, return to our studio for their bimestrial show to exhibit their picks of “musiques protubérantes”. Expect french obscure experimental, wave, post punk and more…

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HAJJ’s personal monthly show, welcoming this time amadouK7 for a crazy 100% tape mix.
Here with music from Simple Music Experience, Animaux Sauvages, Détente Voiture en Ville, Blond Blond, Colique, Dawn Records, Yakov, In Aeternam Vale, and more.

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