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Réécoutez la mensuelle de Low Jack & Moyo avec comme invité le dj et producteur parisien Crave pour une No-go Zones spécial hardcore. Deux heures d’ambiance rave, dark et trance.

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“OK. We can grab Lisbon’s cultural history of this century up to now and point out Black as one of the engines that made the scene what it is today. Maybe you need to dig a little to discover his real name, but as co-founder of the cultural association Filho Único over a decade ago he helped to invent the life of the city as we know it. He made Gala Drop with Tiago even before we could say they were a band, he started Príncipe with others and released music Lisbon didn’t know it had. He took dance classics and made them more danceable, releasing those edits via Tiago’s Interzona 13. The march of all things led to a logical step in the life of anyone deeply committed to music: being a DJ. After the fact, Black quickly sealed his vocation and his sets are true energy discharges. Sweat, concentration and a wave of happiness we can feel at a distance.”
Words by José Moura for Interzona 13 Lux Takeover

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MIND Records’ Moyo and Gravats’ Low Jack chaotic two hours trip: black metal, punk, percussive madness and more.

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