Maxi Fischer (Décalé. / Biarritz ) for an hour of 90’s UK knight dub , Depitched cosmic tribal house & 00’s Mantra Goa.

This month Kareem takes us on a cosmic journey through a hypnotic spiral of rai, goa, dub, ethno north African and electronic dance rhythms.

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The Pilotwings are back in the studio for two hours of 90s frenzy, with a contribution from Ursa’s Reef (aka Photonz) in the second hour, oscillating through trance, breaks and goa.

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Listen back to Woody 92′ visit to our studio, playing tribal electro, screwed goa and more muffled beats from the undergrounds.

The Other Side is back for a new season, taking on where we left off, bridging the gaps between past and future.

The light has shifted from blue to white, the sounds remain warm. Outside movements commuting frantically, the rush before dawn.
As a new era arises, ones curiosity can’t help but be renewed. Such aural delights as offerings, will never cause a feud…

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Les Pilotwings reviennent pour une nouvelle saison de la Pénequet, ici entre tribulations goa et electro, naviguant entre les années 2000 et un crotte-digging aiguisé.

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tplt collective hailing from Bordeaux shares their twisted club music and favorite soundscapes, here with resident Superlate with ambient and neo-classical followed by the infamous Pépé Del Noche with his signature slow mo goa sound.

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Full on Bruits de La Passion crew for this episode, a ten hands mix with no specific theme but a strong trance infusion for the second hour.

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