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Portuguese duo G.A.M are back on our waves with a delicate one hour session, ranging from avant garde electronics such as Michele Mercure, to gamelan, & electroacoustic compositions from Bernard Parmegiani; and going through everything in between.

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Detroit’s Benjamin Hill continues his adventures into the Gamelan sound, with a selection of traditional and unconventional tracks using the mighty instrument.

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Écoutez la seconde édition d’ “Invite The Infinite” avec Benjamin Hill, continuant d’explorer les diverses utilisations du Gamelan dans la musique traditionnelle, moderne et contemporaine.

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Benjamin Hill ouvre ici sa résidence intitulée “Invite the Infinite”, focalisée sur l’utilisation du Gamelan, d’une gamme traditionnelle à une autre expérimentale, contemporaine…

“Dreams, synthesizers, haunting combinations of voice and gong, surreal and sometimes threatening landscapes, frantic thoughts, and gentle moments of play. This is the journey for this month’s edition of Invite the Infinite, a mix show dedicated to global gamelan music, and music that incorporates it.”

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