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Donnie Ka revient avec un show intitulé “Os De Crapaud”,  60 minutes pour 5 morceaux de rock psyché, drone et dark ambient.

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Ascetic House brings you Jesse Sanes (aka Fejhed, JH1.FS3, Kommand and more) for this month’s episode of their residency, with a mix featuring doom, contemporary noise and traditional, trance-oriented tracks.

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Canada Effervescent back on air with a soothing, deep mix of slow doom and trancy folk tunes, entitled “Living Down South, Dying Up North”, which will process you to the most zen state.

Last episode of the season ! First hour by OKO DJ, followed by her guest FOQL aka Justyna Banaszczyk for a Polish music only mix. In her music, Justyna combines electronic music with a post-punk atmosphere, minimal wave sounds and industrial.
She collaborates with Pointless Geometry, Enfant Terrible/Gooiland Elektro, New York Haunted and other labels. 16th June 2017 she released her second album via Always Human Tapes label titled “Lower Your Expectations”. She had a pleasure to play on a few cool festivals like Unsound and Tauron Nowa Muzyka. She is​ also​ co-curating polish underground info spot and online community promoting local underground activities – Trzecia Fala. Finally, she is part of Oramics project aiming to empower women in the electronic music scene.

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For this hour, HAJJ welcomes le Saint-Graal aka Guillaume Mala (Le Cabanon) for a one hour incursion around music for abandonned swimming pools.

DZIFA VERTOV – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (ReR Megacorp, 2008 – composé entre 1929 et 1930)
JOHANNA M. BEYER – Music Of The Spheres (Sub Rosa, 2003 – composé en 1938)
GYORGY LIGETI – Artikulation, Elektronische Komposition (Wergo, 1984 – composé en 1958)
IANNIS XENAKIS – Concret PH (INA-GRM, – composé en 1958)
ELSE MARIE PEDE ‎- Syv Cirkler (Important records, 2014 – composée en 1958)
KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN – Struktur I (Wergo, 1964 – composé entre 1958 et 1960)
DAPHNE ORAM – Melodic Group (His Master’s Voice, 1962)
WHITE NOISE – Your Hidden Dreams (Island Records, 1969)
DARIA SEMEGEN – Electronic Composition No. 1 (1971)
THE RESIDENT – Consuelo’s Departure (Ralph Records, 1974)
MORT GARSON – Baby’s Tears Blues(Homewood Records, 1976)
LOUIS AND BEBE BARRON ‎- Main Titles (Overture) (Planet Records, 1976)
BRIAN ENO + DAVID BYRNE – Come With Us (Sire, 1981)
ELLEN FULLMAN – Dripping Music (Apollo Records, 1985)
LAURIE SPIEGEL ‎– Cavis Muris II (Centaur Records, 1993 – composé en 1986)
DEEP LISTENING BAND – Rain Delay (¿What Next? Recordings, 1990)
APHEX TWIN ‎– Actium (Apollo, 1992)
GLOBAL COMMUNICATION ‎– 04:02 (Dedicated, 1994)
COIL ‎- Broccoli (Chalice, 1999)
JAN JELINECK – Drift (~scape, 2001)
MILEECE – Nightfall (Lo Recordings, 2002)
ZAVOLOKA / AGF ‎– Korin (Nexsound, 2005)
SENYAWA – Gaib (Morphine Records, 2015)

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Geneva’s Jérôme Curchod on his metal and doom influences.

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Monthly Show by Parisian locals Bruits de la Passion (Aymard, Ali Bobo, Gumbo & OKO DJ), full of tasty candies, loony melodies, bizarre drums, and dark sided electronics.

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