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Pour cette nouvelle Crise de Snare, réécoutez cette fois-ci un épisode réalisé par leur invité en provenance de Chine, Xiao Quan, entre musiques électroniques et acoustiques locales, bass, breaks et anthems clubs contemporains.

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DB.Source is in charge for the Gravity Graffity month’s show, playing an hour of dubstep, obscure bass and more industrial music.

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Settled in Brazil since two years, Craig Ouar is since then, digging more urban and modern national styles that what we are used to hear in occident. For this one hour show, explore the favelas of Rio de Janeiro music soundscape with an early hip-hop, freestyle, bass music and favela funk selection. Vamos nessa !

Listen back to Byche, returning to our studio for his monthly Glock33 with a selection of heavy bass music, experimental cuts and abstract, contemporary gems.

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