Alexis Le-TanMonthlyTuesdays8PM - 9PM

Established tastemaker and music-curio invites you to discover his twisted mind: a journey on the other side of the dancefloor or elsewhere...

The rotation system of relentless alignment,
pulsing distant alarm, chromium chords –
The yellow stainer comes with vivid cuts.
Within the metronomic biosphere,
you bring me my earthy organ,
chew me slowly with your clinical rhetoric.
Leather face – but not as we know him,
his tobacco chants, rolling closed eyes,
Promising a throbbing hope.
Warm sprawling county, swept away,
poke and distortion, confined.
Nauseous delirium, Old Mamma lullaby,
throwbacks and petticoats on the porch.
Temporary peace in the basement,
but god knows I love the crunch:
The tin piston system in the dark oiling himself.
Concrete cool, the reverse switch,
they’d be having it, the lot of them,
pair me down and load me up.
Driving organic pulse, black-brown and instructing,
autumnal breath on wet windows.
Here come the thin pipes,
dancing down the market streets,
churning over, churning over, twinkle horn.
Open me up, don’t centralise me
with your driving film score.
Bamboo beauties, in harmony and haze,
lay me down and play my organ,
lazy modern muff, zaney modern haze.
I’m coming round now,
All hands to the organ!
Spiraling up the visionary pipes,
the way is a colourful grey, the desert bleak,
Thin tin pipes are foreboding now, clairvoyant.
A Monastery peace on High.

In order to complement the aural passage of each new episode, Alexis has asked his dear friend Tom Colebrook for some live freeform writing to accompany his shows. A textual guide to The Other Side:

Wind up to the green place, they’re hear above, hidden.
The future chopper of nature, hovering, ascending.
The insect of the present. This is my place.
Down we go to subservient violence, liberating.
Liquid visions of an internal place, his space.
Symbiotic physical need, a visceral Any-body.
This is The Thing, hollow remote isolation, everyone waiting.
We’re back inside, slow warmth, trying to help,
Engulfing the hollowness, an ochre & grey space.
The chamber opens up, a vast dome, muffled light.
Communication from the mist, harmonic throbbing from above.
A gang of them, the lazy mindless twang of the hazy urbane.
When the cock crows – don’t deny anyone, Rave on.
A smokey slump back in the abode of possibility.
We’re still deep, in the place of echoey focus.
A Fucked melody picks away at me.
The Harlequin disappears, the Jester of the arcade game.
The dirty Dubby Man, dancing with the Grimy Girls.
This is now, confected, sugary and fat.
Back to honesty, the focus after the flaccid,
Showing me aural balloons of the future.
Now pair me down and instruct me.
They’re here, above: Visible:
Green Mammalian winged entities of the canopy.
Illuminated again, the dome has cleared,
The bluey-gray echo of possibility, bright and clear.
The night has passed: The liquid liberation of light.
Transient hours in the lounge of rhythm, modern, ongoing.
The ancient instructor still permeates, a harmony of memories,
Shivering discord never far away, trapped in time.
A slice opens up in the sky, the seduction of the orient.
Frosted screens, the Width of Time.

The Other Side is back for a new season, taking on where we left off, bridging the gaps between past and future.

The light has shifted from blue to white, the sounds remain warm. Outside movements commuting frantically, the rush before dawn.
As a new era arises, ones curiosity can’t help but be renewed. Such aural delights as offerings, will never cause a feud…

For his last show of the season, Alexis invites Phuong Dan to create a mix with him at home as it was not possible to reach the studio in time for this one.
Recorded exclusively with vinyl from the Le-Tan vaults, the pair take you on a journey where esotericism meets tribalism and ritual chants.

Following the last remainders of slow-mo trance and post-rave ambient shenanigans, Alexis turns it over on the head and delivers some alternative cosmic sounds.
Still staying true to his sonic aesthetics, this show is much more routed in the present future than in the future past, showcasing most of now and some of then!

Uncovering new found treasures every month can be a tricky game, but Alexis Le-Tan delivers the goods to our airwaves once again. Expect another trip through the fractal gates of aural delights, never sure when the past becomes present or the present is future.

Preparation mix for the 6 hour marathon set Alexis will be playing at Cocktail d’Amore in Berlin this weekend.
An overview of what one might hear before the after or after the after. Usual mixture of fresh and millésime fodder, cooked up with care and attention to bring you the most apetizing flavours out there!

Stream back to Paris based accurate sound explorer Alexis Le Tan selecting some 90s ambient compositions, and slo-mo trance madness tracks. Here with music from Orbital, KLF, and more…

After some heavy last sessions, Alexis Le-Tan go back to some more chilled ambient and ethereal sounds. As per every excursion, a mixture of old treasures and new discoveries. Sit back, close your eyes and let go!

A haunted musical excursion across different mental and spiritual borders, some heat to pull us through the winter snow… More recent offerings from a global network of like minded people, call it a tribe or whatever… No bullshit only music!

Alexis empties his drawers for his first show of 2018, and pulls out some of his favourite gear of the past year.
Only top shelf clobber and as usual mixing vintage and new, waiting for the new collections to come!

For his last show of 2017 Alexis picks some more of his favourite gifts from his magic stockings. A christmas special, featuring no christmas songs or maybe a couple you would’ve never expected. Not forgetting a warm thanks to the very special guest who made a quick appearance towards the end. We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Alexis showcasing his monthly digs, mostly newly released, some promos, reissues and exclusive edits by the man himself.

This show was recorded on Alexis’ birthday.
On this occasion he asked a bunch of his friends to submit some music from which this improvised mix was then weaved…
Big love and thanks for the generous offerings, you know who you are!

For his first ever radio show, Paris-based sound archeologist Alexis Le-Tan shares an hour of his monthly excavations: past, present and future.

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