DJ TLRMonthly Thursdays11PM - 12AM

Listen to Crème Organization and R-Zone founder DJ TLR's monthly show and get your dose of aggro electro, acid cuts and raving goodness.

Crème Organization founder DJ TLR returns to our stream with a selection of post-punk, new-wave and electro goodness, featuring Coil, The Cure, Christfall, Siekera and more.

Le fondateur de Crème Organization DJ TLR revient sur nos ondes avec une sélection d’une heure issue de bandes originales pour le cinéma – d’horreur surtout-, vintage et contemporain, entre Popol Vuh, Mica Levi, Riz Ortolani et plus…

Crème Organization’s boss is back on our stream with one hour of electro variations featuring a bunch of unreleased Crème material from Simoncino, Unknown Entity, Ekman and more..

Listen back to DJ TLR’s “The Cosmic Onion” premiere, featuring a wide range of contemporary electronics, breaks and jungle beat to get you fired up.

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