Bellye WoddyMonthlyFridays2PM - 3PM

Frankfurt-based Alex aka Bellye Woddy from Denovali records presents Success Stories, a monthly transmission including the label's network and guests.

Alex aka Belly Woddy, brings you Denovali honchos Paco Sala for this month’s Success Stories.

Denovali Records’ Belly Woddye brings you Frankfurt-based DJ and producer Simon Moncler for an hour of dubby soundscapes from ogs Fluxion, Echospace, Basic Channel and more.

Belly Woddye brings you Frankfurt-based DJ and producer Orson Wells for this month’s episode, with a selection of contemporary ambient.

Success Stories’ Belly Woddye brings you Antinote artist D.K. for this month’s episode, for a tranquil hour of new-age, experimental, ambient and contemporary eletronics from Mica Levi, Kassel Jaeger and more.

Listen back to Bellye Woddy’s Success Stories show premiere, featuring ambient and avant-garde tracks from Radiante Pourpre, Donato Dozzy & Nuel, Naffi Sandwich and more.

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