Bellye WoddyMonthlyFridays2PM - 3PM

Frankfurt-based Alex aka Bellye Woddy from Denovali records presents Success Stories, a monthly transmission including the label's network and guests.

Denovali Records’ Bellye Woddy kicks off a new season of Success Stories with a mix of tranquil, soft electro featuring Human Mesh Dance, Inspired Mindz, Influx, Aural Expression and more.

Alex aka Belly Woddy, brings you Denovali honchos Paco Sala for this month’s Success Stories.

Denovali Records’ Belly Woddye brings you Frankfurt-based DJ and producer Simon Moncler for an hour of dubby soundscapes from ogs Fluxion, Echospace, Basic Channel and more.

Belly Woddye brings you Frankfurt-based DJ and producer Orson Wells for this month’s episode, with a selection of contemporary ambient.

Success Stories’ Belly Woddye brings you Antinote artist D.K. for this month’s episode, for a tranquil hour of new-age, experimental, ambient and contemporary eletronics from Mica Levi, Kassel Jaeger and more.

Listen back to Bellye Woddy’s Success Stories show premiere, featuring ambient and avant-garde tracks from Radiante Pourpre, Donato Dozzy & Nuel, Naffi Sandwich and more.

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