UmweltBimestrialTuesdays2PM - 4PM

Rave or Die and New Flesh founder Umwelt goes through the entire spectrum of rave culture, from 90's to present times: happy house, electro, gabber, EDM, new beat and modern techno.

Rave Or Die records founder Umwelt is back for two hours of electro, dark electro and acid breaks.

Listen back to Umwelt playing dark cuts of electro and acid.

Listen back to Rave Or Die Records founder Umwelt delivering electro, breaks and contemporary acid.

Rave or Die founder Umwelt going hardcore this time, and closing the show with a tribute to the recently defunct producer Microlith.

Umwelt delivers his deep knowledge of rave culture: electro, acid, techno and more raw cuts from the Rave Or Die label founder…

Newflesh & Rave Or Die’s Umwelt.

Newflesh & Rave Or Die’s Umwelt.

Newflesh & Rave Or Die’s Umwelt with spaniard guest Alienata for the second hour.

Newflesh & Rave Or Die founder Umwelt providing with the dark electro.

Listen back to Umwelt going through electro, acid and techno.

Newflesh & Rave Or Die’s Umwelt.

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