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BLACKMOON77 & Elena Sizova step in to deliver bleak all genre's of music with a variety of sound spaces that come from the dark etherial spaces we drift through. Radio Rituel's mission is for everyone to experience and enjoy our passion, because music is our daily ritual.

New season of RADIO RITUEL show we start with music by hosters – its a tradition already. Have a good journey with a sounds by Blackmoon77.

Elena Sizova invite le producteur bruxellois Lostsoundbytes pour le dernier épisode de “Radio Rituel”, proposant une heure de synth-pop, musiques post-industrielles, tribale, electro et plus via Lamusa II, Rudiger Lorenz, Zaliva-D, Alek Stark…

Our RADIO RITUEL guest for June is Andria. Andria is a DJ and producer from Belgrade whose work got international praise with the first YES release. Andria’s sets are super contemporary and from a more experimental corner reached out to a club-wise fully functional zone.

For this new episode of Radio Rituel, hosts Elena Sizova and Blackmoon77 welcome Felipe Marin, best known as Retrograde Youth. He is an electronic music producer based in Medellin, Colombia, here delivering an hour of dark, rampant electronic sounds.

TV.OUT is the project of Ori Itshaki & Doron Charly Mastey from Tel Aviv, now based in Berlin.
Since the 2011 debut release on their own Parallax imprint, the duo is working non stop producing and DJing.
Their DJ sets divers from Techno, Chicago House, New Wave, Electro straight to Italo Disco classics that heavily inspires the duo.
TV.OUT also run Parallax records hailing from Tel-Aviv that focuses on the local underground sounds.

RADIO RITUEL february edition comes from Jully. Jolly is a dj and producer. He is organizing together with his friends since almost ten years events in Zürich and around Switzerland. As part of the Kashev tapes collective, which is a distribution platform, they are running together a off-offspace in a bunker.

Don’t miss this episode of Radio Rituel from the master, head of SOLAR ONE MUSIC label – THE EXALTICS, with, as he said “not a typical dj mix, instead a piece more conceived like a dark movie soundtrack with some extra synth work on some tracks and some film samples here and there”.

Elena Sizova & Blackmoon77 bring you DJ $LUDGE, master of ritualistic beats Alessio De Felice aka Tara in Tibet, for this month’s “Radio Rituel”, to deliver one hour of abyssal electronics, synth-wave and industrial marches.

Radio Rituel welcomes a new guest for an eclectic mix, that will take you far to the dimension made by great digger and talented Russian musician LVRIN.

For this episode of Radio Rituel’s dark and intense musical excursions, Elena Sizova returns in the studio for an hour of heavy mental session.

A journey through the voice of the Dark Drum. A select group of tracks to make you feel like you are in the depths of a Rituel movement involving a variety of electronic and techno tracks.

Blackmoon77 brings you El Tigre Sound aka Twoets for this month’s Radio Rituel, featuring avant-garde works from Andrea Belfi, Tim Hecker and more.

Blackmoon77 and Elena Sizova brings you Greek producer Damcase for this month’s episode, with a mix of his own productions and parallel, hard-style tracks.

Stream back to this month’s epic musical journey by guest Post Ave, going through zanny industrial beats to EBM, from electro to even more twisted 80s productions and beyond…

Stream back to Radio Rituel’s latest ceremony, with special guest Miltiadis Merentitis aka Outermost, playing some gritty house, EBM and industrial aesthetics…

Stream back to electro master Elena Sizova’s last contribution to Radio Rituel, going through intense electronics, experimental, wave delicacies and more…

Stream back Blackmoon77’s Radio Rituel show premiere, going though dark electronics, experimental and industrial curiosities. Next episode with Elena Sizova.

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