PRR! PRR!Monthly Thursdays5PM - 6PM

With Brussels-based PRR! PRR! headshot founders and friends, mayhem-bullshit each episode.

Brussels’ PRR! PRR! crew back for the madness, with DJ Cohen, DJ Cloarec and DJ ZX killing this session of harbeats, drum n bass, trance and more, one after the other.

The “Medieval” episode with DJ Coquelin, signing in for the PRR! PRR! residency, with a very personal sense of the Middle-Age thematic, with tracks from DJ Caesar, Triktek, Grrl and more.

The PRR! PRR! crew welcomes Clara! Fuego FM second edition, with a mix from the unknown Irene focusing on celtic reggaeton, weird digi variations of traditional atlantic music.

Tune in to Cloarec’s ode to The Sims, for your zahef pleasure.

First episode of the Fuego FM segment for PRR! PRR!’s residency, with reggaeton queen Clara! and guest Metrakit.

The Goblin Show returns to celebrate Christmas: rampage with PRR! PRR! activist DJ David Goblin.

DJ Cloarec and DJ Cohen from the derelict PRR! PRR! crew are En Danger de Mort.

The Goblin episode.

PRR! PRR! co-founder DJ Cloarec opening up the residency along his mystery guest, with this “En danger de mort” episode.

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