Justin SimonBimestrial Thursdays11PM -

Mesh-Key Records founder Justin Simon takes us through his extensive knowledge of Japan's synth-pop, experimental, noise, avant-garde scenes...

Mesh-Key Records’ Justin Simon is back with the third installment of his residency, providing with one hour of Japanese, female-only vocal works including tracks from Kimiko Kasai, Kaji Meiko, Eri Chiemi, Ryo Kawasaki and more.

Justin Simon from Mesh-Key Records returns to our airwaves for the second episode of his residency, focusing on Japanese punk, synth-pop and weird, experimental music from R.N.A. Organism, Haruomi Hosono, Sukisuki Switch and many more.

Listen back to Mesh-Key Records founder Justin Simon debuting his residency with one hour of Japanese synth-pop, loner folk, weird punk gems and many more extravagant productions from Geinoh Yamashirogumi, Asakawa Maki, Aunt Sallie and more.

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